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Over the course of 3 months you'll have good days, bad days, holidays, parties and lunch meetings. During this time you will begin to create new habits that will result in lasting changes. You need support in real time so that you have the tools to tackle whatever your work and personal life throws at you. 

The Signature 3 Month Program


    • (2) 30 minutes phone session per month to discuss your wellness goals + challenges.
    • A follow up email after each consultation containing some or all of the following:
      • A summary of everything we discussed during our session.
      • Customized health tips & wellness information making your transition to a healthier lifestyle easy & sustainable.
      • Recommendations for healthy lifestyle adjustments.
      • Simple, seasonal recipes (can be customized for those with allergies or sensitivities.)
      • Unlimited email access.
      • Email and text support and healthy personalized reminders between sessions.
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